The website design of is very inviting, and the company has invested a lot of time and effort into providing all the information visitors may need. In addition to a clear price list and a full list of services, we found a variety of interesting promises on this website, such as ‘timely delivery’, and ‘100% plagiarism free rating’.

This all sounds amazing, but is this really what the company delivers?

Key Features

  • Timely delivery
  • Inspiring presentation
  • 100% plagiarism free papers
  • 100% customer satisfaction

What Students Say

“I don’t like this company at all. Their writers are not half as good as they say, and the customer support is no help, either. I just got a paper full of plagiarism, and 100% originality is their biggest promise! Talk about an untrustworthy company!” – Walter Pesina.

“I just got my first paper from, and I don’t think I’ll be ordering from them again. The writing was not so bad, but the prices are too high for that quality. They should either reduce costs or hire better writers.” – Allen Wilkins.

Academic Writing Services Offered offers a very limited number of papers, eleven to be precise. This makes for a very short list of academic papers, which means that this is not a company you turn to for help with all your papers.

The lack of services means that students won’t be able to get all their papers from one source, which is quite a disadvantage. Still, if the quality is as good as the company says, this shouldn’t be a big problem.

Pricing Model and Payment Options

Prices at this company start at £ 8.99 per page, which sounds like an excellent bargain. Even the shorter deadline of 3-5 days costs a low price for the three quality options, which means that this company is one of the very few cheap writing services on the market.

The deadline options are something we find to be strange. This company offers only four deadline options. While ordering within the longest deadline still comes at the lowest price, the lack of a shorter deadline of 24 hours is a disappointment.

This means that students who have deadlines within hours cannot use this company for their papers.

This is not all. After looking at the company’s price list, we found out something very interesting about

Newcomers’ Discounts and Loyalty Program

There are no discounts for this service, except for the limited time offers that appear in the form of a popup on the website. At the point of writing this review, the company offers 30% discount for December, which sounds like an excellent opportunity to try out a company at a reduced rate.

However, the lack of any other discounts makes us believe that this company hasn’t really done a lot to attract regular customers to their service. Most writing companies have at least a loyalty program to entice customers to order from their service on regular basis.

Paper Quality

We ordered from to check the quality of their writers and content. As it turns out, this company is one of those cheap companies that invite customers by using unreasonable prices, since the content turned out to be terrible.

Our paper was most likely written by a non-native English writer and contained mistakes we could not even count. For such a low rate, we expected nothing more, but this was still a disappointment.

Website Usability

Some points of the website design and the exact same list of services and price list lead to an interesting discovery – this company is the same as Both websites have the same features and even some design choices, such as the ‘let’s talk’ written above the live chat option.

While the website is great in terms of design and navigability, a company that uses few names to sell papers is not the best one you can choose for your papers.

Customer Care and Support

After we got the low-quality paper, we immediately got in touch with the customer service. We asked for a revision and got a prompt reply from their agent, who approved our request almost immediately.

We are satisfied by the customer service, but still unhappy with the writing experts. The writer still failed to fix all errors and even made some new ones. This only confirmed our doubts that this writer is not actually a native English speaker.


Based on our evaluation of the company’s services, prices, and customer support, we cannot vouch for this company as a good content provider. Not only the company sells papers through a variety of sites under different names, but they actually deliver low-quality content in return for unrealistically low prices. Students may be tricked because of the low prices, but this will most probably result in low-quality content.

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