• Over 350 highly educated and experienced writers;
  • A diverse service list for all students of all ages;
  • Attractive pricing system and three different quality levels;
  • 15% off for every new customer of the service;
  • Easily reachable and professional customer support service.

Is EssayWritingLab Legit?

EssayWritingLab is a truly legitimate service and you can definitely ask for assignment help. This is confirmed by reviews on the Internet and the quality of paper that they provided to us.
Rating: 5/5

EssayWritingLab Quality

In the beginning, when there weren’t many comments about these companies, you couldn’t know what you’d be getting until you received your paper. Now we have access to many things, including EssayWritingLab reviews. We read plenty of them before we came to the conclusion that this is one of the seriously rare services with a really outstanding, continuously good reputation.

It’s really hard to reject this if most of the comments are good, but we still ordered something here to be sure. We ordered an essay on a law subject for a Master’s level student. For it to be good, we chose their second quality option, though we could have gone for the platinum option, too. The middle is their most popular quality option and gives you access to MA or Ph.D. writers, so it should be enough for an MA student.

It actually was enough. There weren’t mistakes in it or anything plagiarized, which means that the difference between the quality levels lies in the experience and style of the writers. Apparently, if you choose the platinum, you get more experienced writers.

Still, we were pretty happy with this choice. The essay was truly good and needed no revisions and the price we paid was unexpectedly affordable.
Rating: 5/5


The cheapest essay option comes in a package of a 10-day discount and a standard quality and it costs £15,92 for a page. If you choose the premium quality as we did, you’d pay £17,82. The most expensive option of the three is £19,44.

This is not the cheapest you can get, that’s for sure. But, for the reputation they have, we are a bit surprised about how low these prices go. They even add some discounts to them, so they get even cheaper. If you order bigger papers, we’ve read in testimonials that they give quite generous discounts, so it only gets better. Basically, after we got the paper and were able to confirm the quality, we learned that this is one of those really rare cheap and good services.
Rating: 4/5


Only one discount is proudly presented on the site. For the rest, you have to ask. This is literally the only problem we had with the website, but based on what others say, it seems like their support always gives some nice discounts to those who ask. So, if you decide to order, definitely ask for one.

The one discount offered is 15% OFF on the first order. This sounds really fair and lets you test their writers at a much better price.


The reason why has over 350 writers in different areas of study is their big list, as well as their number of customers. This is a popular company which means that they get plenty of orders. However, it requires a big number of writers because of their service list. The list has a few dozen different paper kinds. Some of them are really popular and used by all students, while others are more specialized.

Basically, on this website, you’ll order essays and research papers, but also dissertations and term papers. You can order an individual chapter for a dissertation or a task like an annotated bibliography. Moreover, they have more specialized projects like lab reports, marketing plans, business plans, and presentations.
Rating: 5/5

Website Usability

The website is really organized, has plenty of useful features, and contains just the right amount of information. We say this because many websites have too much on them, which would take you hours to read everything. Here there’s everything you need and nothing more. The only thing lacking is the discount information.

Customer Care and Support

One of the great things about the website of is that they have the support you can contact immediately. You can use several methods. The most popular is the live chat that, thankfully, is not bot-based. So, you can expect to talk to real people, something you hardly find on such websites these days.
Rating: 4/5


EssayWritingLab is exceptional service with a really good reputation for quality. They have responsive support that’s known to handle problems and answer questions right away. The prices are really good and you can add discounts to all of them. You can get 15% on the order right away but for the rest, you’d have to speak to the support.

There are hardly companies with a good reputation as this one and our experience was very similar to this. Based on all that, we do recommend as a reliable writing company.
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  1. I ordered a high school essay on Geography from this website. As I was on a budget, this writing service helped me a lot through their discounts to get the paper without spending too much. The quality of the paper was as I had expected it to be for which I received an A+.

  2. I would highly recommend EssayWritingLab to any student looking to ease some of their burden. I regularly order my college essays from this website since they provide such high-quality papers. Thankfully these are not overpriced and do not burn a hole in my pocket. Never have they ever asked for deadline extensions. This tells me that the staff is extremely professional.

  3. Juggling school work and other daily responsibilities got so out of hand that I ultimately decided to look for a reliable essay service. At once I was a bit apprehensive, but after ordering a couple of assignments from this website, I soon discovered that it was the best thing to happen to me. Be it their pricing, their content quality, or their support staff, everything about this essay service is top-notch.

  4. After reading an Essay Writing Lab review, I straightaway purchased an essay on high-school economics. Whatever fears I had about buying essays online were put to rest the day I received the essay. Not only was the essay delivered before time, but it also got me the grade that I was looking for.

  5. Since I have been using the services provided by this website for a long time, I decided to write my own review. Firstly, you will be hard-pressed to find an essay service that is as prompt in delivering their product like this one. In my experience, the customer support was always quick to reply to my queries and the quality of their content has never let me down. In short – I would give this service five out of five stars.

  6. After reading multiple EssayWritingLab reviews, I decided to order a Book Report from this website. Though it was delivered before the deadline, while going through the material I found some minor errors. After posting my query to the customer service staff, I had to wait an hour before help arrived. Thankfully they corrected their mistakes and apologized for the inconvenience which I thought was quite polite.

  7. As a student of Religion and Theology, I could not deal with the constant writing that was required of me. To simplify my life, I had to make use of the research paper service provided by this website. As soon as it was delivered, I was blown away by the content they provided me with – a full paper without a single mistake and thoroughly researched. I cannot stress enough on how satisfied I am after availing the services of this website.

  8. I purchased a term paper on Holocaust studies through this website. The writers were on point and did not provide unnecessary information that got me a high grade. Thankfully, they also delivered the paper before the deadline. I would use their services again now that I know the quality of their work.

  9. Being under a load of tens of assignments, I was looking for a legit online essay service that could ease my burden. At a friend’s recommendation, I ordered a couple of essays on Literature from this website. Though the first essay was received well before the deadline, the second one took forever to come. There were no issues with the quality, but the delay of the second essay cost me my grade.

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