Fake Reviews Are Everywhere! Learn How to Recognize Them

When you’re about to get assignment help online, you’re very concerned about making the wrong choice. Your first instinct says: “I should read some writing services reviews before making my decision.” Of course, that’s the right thing to do. You’re reading reviews before buying a pen from Amazon, so why would you skip that step before purchasing something that determines your academic success?

There’s a big problem, though: some of the reviews are fake. Essay writing companies can easily make their own sites with their own fake reviews, or they can pay reviewing services to feature them in a positive context. How do you recognize those scams? How do you recognize real paper writing reviews?

Relax; we’re on your side.

Warning Signs: Learn How to Recognize Swindlers

   1. The About Us section looks shady

When you’re reading reviews, make sure to check the About Us section at the site. Who are these people? How do they write the reviews? If you can’t find information about the process of reviewing different writing services, then something is wrong with that site.

   2. Affiliate links

When you click a link at a reviewing website, check the address. Do you see a referral code in the URL? If that’s the case, then it’s clear: the reviewers are earning money when people make orders following that link. In other words: they just want you to buy papers and they are not providing honest custom essay writing services reviews.

   3. Exaggeration

“This is the best, most affordable, and most reliable service ever!”

“This is the worst website in the industry. The quality is disastrous, the customer support system is unresponsive, the prices are expensive, and there are no guarantees.”

Let’s be honest: no service is absolutely perfect or absolutely bad. There are good and less good sides of each agency, and an honest reviewing service gives you a realistic review. If you see exaggerated claims, it means the reviewers are promoting a particular site and trashing the competition. And they are getting paid to do that.

   4. No comment

As a customer of writing services, you should be allowed to make your contribution at a reviewing site. Amazon reviews are reliable because they come from real people who used those products. When you see that a reviewing service allows you to leave a comment to share your experience, it’s a good one.

If you notice that you’re not allowed to leave a comment, or your comment gets deleted, it means that the service is not looking for honest reviews from their readers, since they don’t want people to get a realistic impression. They are simply promoting a particular service.

   5. No experience

If the reviews are providing general information that you can easily locate at the website of a service you’re interested in, then what’s the use? You do need information about the price, contact option, discounts, and other details in a review, so you can easily compare different services. However, you also need experience. If the team hasn’t ordered papers from the services they review, it’s risky to follow their lead.

The good news is that you already found X.com – the site that offers completely reliable and unbiased reviews of writing services. We are not biased to any agency and we don’t get paid to feature reviews. We do not provide affiliate links at our sites. We’re just a group of students who takes this website really seriously.

We’ve ordered tons of papers online, and we’re sharing experience. Needless to say, we want you to take part in this challenge of revealing and recommending the best online writing services. Feel free to submit your comments!