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Is BritishAssignmentWritersis Legit?

According to their official website, customization is the main approach of This is a company that’s been in the writing market since 2009. However, they do not enjoy high popularity or a great reputation online, which is something we concluded by looking into customers’ reviews online.

Still, this does not mean that the company is not worth considering. To find out what they really offer, we did a thorough evaluation of all their features and services.
Rating: 4/5

Paper Quality

Once we saw the incredibly low prices, we immediately suspected that the quality here might below. After all, you cannot expect to get the highest quality papers for a price that is not only low but unrealistic. In order to hire great writers, a company needs to set higher prices to be able to pay them. It is pure logic.

Unfortunately, this assumption turned out to be right. The writer who worked on our paper did what many customers complained about – wrote a well-thought and organized paper, but did many mistakes along the way. We are suspecting that this was not a native English writer since the paper contained many instances of fully incomprehensible content, as well as mistakes no native would make.
Rating: 1/5

Pricing Model and Payment Options

Prices at British Assignment Writers start at only £ 8.99 for a 6-day deadline or more and range up to £27.99 per page for a deadline of 24 hours. There are only two other deadline options – 48 hours, and 3-5 days. This is a very limited deadline option, especially since the company does not assist students with urgent deadlines within hours. prices

Customers can use credit cards and PayPal to order from this company.
Rating: 4/5

Newcomers’ Discounts and Loyalty Program

At this point, the company offers a 30% discount for your first order, but this is a limited offer. According to customers’ reviews online, there are often such special offers, but none of the discounts is definite.

This means that you won’t be getting the same offer if you come back to the company in one month, and won’t be able to enjoy a loyalty program once you become their returning customers.

This is an obvious disadvantage. The company needs to reconsider the conditions for returning customers if they want to convince visitors this is the best regular content provider.

Academic Writing Services Offered

The company offers 11 papers only, which is not only limited to a writing service but also very intriguing for us as reviewers. Since this has happened on several occasions now, we immediately noticed the similarity in features between this website and several others.

Seen from the exact same list of services and price list, as well as some other design features on the websites, seems to be only one of the many websites created by a single company. This is quite the scam, even though the company actually delivers the ordered papers.
Rating: 2/5

Customer Care and Support

Once we got our low-quality paper, we decided to turn to the customer support service for help. As was the case with all the other companies we mentioned, the customer support was excellent in serving us as customers. However, we did notice that their answers were the exact same as those we got from the other companies.

We cannot complain about the agents of this service. They are prompt at serving customers in need, provided us with a revision almost immediately, and answered all the questions we had. Still, the writer did not manage to turn the paper into a good one.
Rating: 3/5

Website Usability

When we talked about the similarity to other pages, we thought of,, to name only a few. Regardless, all these websites have excellent, trendy website design and are easy to navigate.

What Students Say

“Their website looks nice and the prices are more than fine, so I decided to give britishassignmentwriters a shot. Still, I don’t think I’ll be returning to this company for help. I wasn’t really satisfied with the paper I got from their writer.” Belinda Calvert.

“I love the prices they give out here, but I’d rather pay a bit higher rate if it means I will get good papers. I cannot recommend this company because their writer was terrible and made dozens of mistakes in a two-page essay!” Elizabeth Lyon.


Bad quality content is detrimental to the reputation of a service. Even though this company’s prices and customer support service are good, and their website is extremely easy to navigate, the lack of quality writers remains the most important feature of every writing service. Based on our experience with the company’s writers, we cannot recommend to students who need quality help with their academic papers. Review

Read the review to know all pros and cons of service.

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