Writix is a professional writing service that has been around since 2016. Some of the services they provide include essay writing, dissertation editing, assignment help, and essay editing. However, can they really offer quality assistance to students? Read our review to find out.

Is Writix a Legit Company?

If you need help with your essay or dissertation, don’t use Writix. This is not a legit company. The team of writers that works for Writix is clearly not qualified enough to help college students with their assignments.
Rating: 1/5


This company claims to have more than 500 writing experts working for them. On the front page of their website, you can often see that over 700 are online at the moment. This is supposed to encourage students to place an order. However, take a moment to think about just how unrealistic it is for this unpopular service to have such a high number of writers. The writers are supposed to be highly qualified, but you can’t get detailed information about their education and work experience. From what we can tell by reading their work, it is evident that the writers aren’t skilled enough to write a good essay or dissertation.
Rating: 1/5


In case you don’t have enough time to finish an essay but want to get a good grade, you should hire a paper writing service. You can find a lot of companies online that offer quality services to students, but Writix isn’t one of them. We’ve already heard some bad things about their work, but we decided to check for ourselves and our readers by ordering an essay.

The paper we received was delivered on time. However, it was written very poorly. We suspect that the assignment may have been outsourced to a non-native English speaker. The essay was filled with both spelling and grammatical errors. The writer also didn’t cite quality sources, and some of the information in the paper was not correct. It looked like the writer lacked research skills. In case your essay has incorrect information or if the citations are not included properly, you will get a bad grade. This is why you should avoid this writing service.
Rating: 2/5


Writix charges a lot considering the quality of their writing. Nevertheless, you will see quite a few different companies charging similar prices for essay writing services. You will have to pay between £18 and £35 for a single page of academic writing. This is if you want to give a 10-day deadline for the project. If you need an assignment finished the same day, be prepared to spend around £25 per page. Apart from the deadline, number of pages, and paper instructions all playing a part in determining the price of this service, there is also another factor that can have an effect on how much you get charged.

When you want to place an order, you will be given a chance to decide how many writers will see your request. If you want your order to be visible to only the top 50% of writers, you will have to pay 10% more to the total price. If you’d like for the top 20% of writers to see your order, you’ll need to pay 20% more to the total price. The thing is, you will get the same bad quality of writing no matter which group of writers you target.
Rating: 3/5

Customer Service

You can find a telephone number on their website, but you most likely won’t get an answer if you try calling it. There is also a live chat option that will just be a chatbot encouraging you to place an order. They will offer many promises, including that you’ll be able to chat with your writer about the direction of your paper. However, you won’t have the opportunity to do this. Once you’ve placed an order, you will hardly be able to get in touch with customer service. Even when you do talk with customer service agents, they won’t be of any assistance.
Rating: 2/5


There are a lot of reasons why you should avoid this company. There is no reason why you should spend your money on a writing service that can’t help you. You can find many better options than Writix online.

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