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A 4.9 rating out of five sure sounds excellent, but this number does not really relate to the feedback we found outside of website. This is not strange at all, since many companies post fake ratings and feedback on their sites to attract customers, and a website with over four thousand writers would understandably get varied feedback.

When a company has so many writers, the things that determine their reputation and quality are the prices, discounts, a range of services, customer service, and guarantees.

Is MyAssignmentHelp Legit?

We can say with confidence that the company is legitimate, but their fake reviews on the website do not make it completely trust.
Rating: 4/5

Pricing Model and Payment Options

When we found the statement ‘best price guarantee’, we couldn’t stop but wonder – how does a company guarantee the best price on the market? Is this based on low rates or prices that fit the quality offered?

To find out, we checked the actual pricing model of

Interestingly, for a company that offers such a guarantee, it does not display the price list on the website. Once we contacted the customer service regarding this matter, we were told to ‘fill the details so they can offer the best price’.

After a rather prolonged period of waiting, we finally got a quote for our paper. As it turns out, this company is rather highly-priced, which concludes that the guarantee of the best prices is not related to the affordability of the company.
Rating: 2/5

Newcomers’ Discounts and Loyalty Program

Website content suggests that customers can get up to 100% off and a 20% cashback on their orders. This sounds a bit unbelievable since the first suggests that the company works for free.

After our order, we concluded that this is actually not to believe since the company has no discounts. Or at least, not ones customers are informed of. According to their agent, the quote you get from the service includes the calculated discount, so you cannot really know how much you are saving.

Other than this, they told us that the price of the assignment depends on the deadline, word count, type of writer, as well as the requirements and ‘various other factors’.

This actually means that the quote may vary, even if you order a similar paper within the same deadline.
Rating: 2/5

Paper Quality

The price we paid for the paper was rather steep, so we expected very high quality from As a matter of fact, the research paper we got was of good quality, but still not sufficient to confirm that 4.9 out of 5 ratings. We found several mistakes in the content, and the paper lacked some formatting.

Since this was offered in the form of a free feature, we decided to ask for a revision.
Rating: 4/5

Customer Care and Support

As we said, we contacted the customer support several times and got prompt answers every single time. The agents were polite, even though it was quite obvious that the responses were automatically added to the conversation.

We generally have no complaints about customer support, since they actually do their job and respond promptly and by answering all questions. The problem was obviously with the company’s pricing policy and lack of website information.

The agent also confirmed our revision request, but the writer didn’t do that well even the second time.
Rating: 4/5

What Students Say

“I cannot recommend this company. I just got my paper four hours late and got no refund or even an apology. When I complained about it to the customer service agent, he offered a revision. A revision!? Who would need a revision if they miss the deadline for the paper?” – Julia Poole.

“I’ve used this company for two months now, and I think I’ll be switching companies as soon as I find another non-fake company. This is a real company and they keep the information private, but they overcharge me for what I find to be average-quality papers.” – George Carbajal.


Overall, we are looking at a legit service that has an excellent customer support service and offers an average quality of papers. However, the disadvantages that come in the form of high prices and no discounts, as well as lack of website information, all make us believe that this company is worth neither the rating nor the prices they charge.

Review of MyAssignmentHelp

Read the review to know all pros and cons of service.

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8 thoughts on “Review of MyAssignmentHelp”

  1. Daksh says:

    After reading many reviews of this writing service, I asked myself – is My Assignment Help legit? In a word – No! The reason for that is that after ordering a simple Economics essay with a 10-day deadline I received no word from them for a long time. The customer support left me hanging, and after 12 days of waiting, they delivered a below-average essay that I couldn’t submit at all. I wouldn’t recommend this writing service to the worst of my enemies.

  2. alexa67 says:

    Myassignmenthelp promises to deliver quality work, but believe me you shouldn’t trust them. I found out that most of the positive reviews on the internet are written by Myassignmenthelp only. In my case, when I asked them to make revisions in my ordered paper, they simply refused me.

  3. grinberger_ says:

    Having been ripped off by this service, I finally decided to write my own MyAssignmentHelp review. Not only does this website charge a lot of money for a high school paper, but the quality of their content is poor as well. Do not use this service even if you are over-burdened with assignments. It is a total waste of your time and money.

    1. cassy says:

      I purchased a Research paper on Psychology, wondering – is My Assignment Help legit? I got to know only later that it was not the case. Though they offer decent prices and delivered the paper in time, it was rife with errors. I had to return the paper for revision which was, thankfully, free. The support staff takes too long to reply, and the writers are not well-versed in their subjects.

  4. sheron.bob says:

    I ordered a math essay from They delivered the essay before the deadline with high-quality work. I was seriously concerned is my assignment help reliable or not. But, when I took their services, my concern faded away.

    1. Emma says:

      I ordered a research paper on European Literature from this website once after reading a MyAssignmentHelp review. Even after discounts, their price was too high. Still, I decided to let that pass, given that I was in dire need of help. Once the paper came back I was shocked by the number of silly mistakes that I found. I recommend you to stay away from this online writing service.

  5. joao_mario says:

    This website is a total scam. Never have I been as disappointed by an online writing service as I have with this one. The writers are not professionals and the customer support staff is indifferent to your queries. They will make you wait for days before replying, but by then it is mostly too late to do anything.

  6. buzzzer says:

    As I had a lot of papers to complete within a short duration, I decided to give this online writing service a chance. I had ordered a simple Geography essay. The quality of the writing was simply pathetic and I could have written better content. Even the support staff took way long to reply to my worries and was not courteous at all. Everything considered, this website is a complete scam.

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