Review is a legit essay writing service. They offer a wide spectrum of essay solutions, even personal essays and career essays. The company promises 100% premium quality, non-plagiarized content and a page that contains 275 words. Other writing services offer only 250 words per page.

Key Features

  • Top quality content
  • 24/7 assistance
  • On time delivery of the papers
  • Original & authentic academic papers

What Students Say

 “I just received my essay. This is an essay for a job application and I am really disappointed as it does not contain quality content. I need to write the essay myself now.”Renate J.

 “I believe the prices they charge are very high compared to the low quality output. I received my essay with mistakes, so I need to edit it before I can do anything with it.” Charles G.

Types of Services

The company only seems to offer a diversified range of services. They offer especially essay writing solutions, and we did not see any other service such as research papers, marketing papers, or dissertations. Given the great introduction about themselves, we expected to see a much wider range ofpaper writing solutions. They do not even enlist the exact types of essays they can write such as definition, persuasive or descriptive.

Prices and payment methods

The company promises low prices, but as we have seen, the costs are alittle high. They do not even show on the Price page a full list with thecosts. Instead, you need to use a calculator, select the type of paper that you need and the prices change accordingly. Regarding Paymentmethods, they do not enlist the types of options accepted, such as debit card, credit cards or e-wallet payments.

Discounts and special offers

After searching for a discount online, we came across a small ad saying that if you use the code UK15 you will receive an amazing discount offer of 15%. However, it is not clear if this discount applies to all orders and to the entire cost of the order. You need to carefully read the terms and conditions page to see exactly when does the 15% discount apply. We couldn’t find any extra information. There are no other bonuses and discounts available.

Quality of the paper

We weren’t exactly thrilled with the quality offered. Firstly, there are no samples available that you can read. If you want to see the quality, you need to place an order and pay for it. We received an essay that had no references page, although many sources were cited within the text. Then, editing was not professional even though language use was slightly above average. When writing service review we took in consideration all important aspects in order to determine the true quality of services offered.

Is the site easy to use?

The website has a user friendly interface with quick navigation points. The menu includes about us, services, prices, contact, blog and order now. We had some issues with the loading times which took too long. When you want to access quickly a certain page and you don’t have patience, this website might not be the best example. Regarding usability, we can give it 5 out of 10 stars.

Customer Support

EssayMania does not enlist a toll free/regular phone number on their home page. You would normally see a contact number on the page of highly reputable essay writing sites. Also, we could not see any email address or other contact information displayed in plain sight. They have the Contact page, and if you click on that you will be redirected to another page with a form that needs to be filled out and the representatives will get back to you later.


We have thoroughly tested every aspect of this writing services company, from quality to customer support. We can easily say that there are more negative than positive opinions, and we only recommend this site if you are not looking for great quality and great prices.


Written by: BestBritishWriter
Date published: 16/12/2016
3 / 10 stars

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